Planning for a New Economy

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What is the Smarter Economy Conference?

The Smarter Economy Conference is an opportunity to understand the workings of the Cape Cod economy and form policies to continue to improve its vibrancy. The conference will build on previous SmarterCape summits that sought to leverage technology, particularly broadband, to move policies forward that would enhance Cape Cod communities, including their environment, economy, governance, and education.

Why You Should Attend

This year’s focus on the economy will include keynote speakers and panels sharing research and experience that will shed light on the economic opportunities and challenges that face Cape Cod. With this information, participants will have a chance to weigh in on the essential question of how to manage our land use in a way that will bring us the greatest economic return without harming our key asset, the natural environment. The material gathered during this interactive session will inform the Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan and the Cape Cod Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that provide the policy backbone for the region’s future prosperity.